Hey!!! my name is Krystal Marie, from Dallas TX. (The lone star state haha) well a little something about myself, I am 26 years old a regular girl that works a 9-5 but loves fashion. Throughout the years I have gotten so many compliments on my styles from how I put my tomboy mixed with Cocktail. Now let me be honest I am a major tomboy I rather walk around in kicks and sweats all day if I could but of course being a woman you have to show your sassiness or you will continue to get wrong compliments  😦 lol. either way with the many request and love that I have received from you girls. I have decided to start a fashion blog to give some of my style ideas and show off my day to day outfits. Throughout my blog I will show you my faves and secrets. My inspiration didn’t come from the Kim Kardashians or Amrezys but more from that girl I saw walking out of Starbucks running for her Uber before it leaves her. The girl I saw walking down the hall way at School.  This blog is for us! for the Regular girls just living life the only way we know how. I hope you girls will join me on my new journey. You won’t be disappointed I promise you! Enjoy my sweeties 🙂

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