Uhh let me have my moment. 

I think Ima keep to myself these daysThinking Ima focus on my health these days And I left a bunch of people in last year, Claiming they been around for the past year And I’m asking for receipts like a cashier And it’s niggas falling off like the last tier Uhh, let me have my moment Been in the underground, I’m surfaced now And I just think it’s funny how Everybody in the game asking for service now Goddamn I got purpose now a title under my belt yeah I got purpose now When I step into my view and I got curtains now If you ever had a doubt, I know you certain now. I been through the storm and I know that they always think that they know, baby I want you to know that Ima do me and just see how it goes 🤸🏾‍♀️ #kehlani

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