When you’re at peace with yourself 

The whole world is behind you! 🌎

This past experience away from reality made me see how blessed I really am. How I can easily book a trip and go, a lot of people do not have that option. I was always so focused on the negative in my life, being more concerned about the things I didn’t have over being thankful for what I did. My life wasn’t rough growing up, I’d be the first to admit being the only girl with 3 older brothers I had it my way every way possible, so growing and realizing it isn’t always about me I had a difficult time trying a adjust to that. Never the less I was able to grow into this independent woman that can handle the world on her own. Yes I still have my insecurities and doubts, I still run from some of my problems but I always find my way. I have amazing people behind me and the love I have from God, can’t no one stop me from getting what I deserve It’s time to see the brighter things in life. 🌸 this post was more of a reassurance than my OOTD post. I want to take you guys on my journey to finding my peace. So there will be more of these included in whatisshewearingblog.com I won’t bore you watch. You’ll be able to see my ups and downs. My excitements to my fears. I hope to reach out to someone that suffers the same type issue that I created for myself and see that you can get out of anything with a positive train of thought. And love you get from all around you! 

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