I’m Mexican American 

Being Born into an Mexican family has been one of the best blessing I can ever receive. Being born from a race that is constantly being judged or critized for what you see on television. But the thing is they forget to show the parts where parents wake up early in the morning to get their kids dressed for school, have food on the table get them selves together then head to drop off the kids before 7:34 am. Or how about the girls that do get the education and don’t have a child by 16. Or the guys that don’t go to prison, Or the fathers that will do whatever to make sure their family is secure. Will pick up any shift or job to provide. For being criticized daily for my heritage makes me that proud to be in the color skin that I am. Today’s post was taken in a little hole in a wall family owned (best ones) restaurant. I wanted to share this with everything remind you never be ashamed where you come from. You wouldn’t be who you are without it. (Fun fact chals called me out when I took a bite of my torta and my eyes crossed. I’m sure that’s happen to plenty of us lol. Mexican food is the issh!

Today’s fit 

Bye Felicia shirt- zumies

Blue jeans- express

Black Van

Dickies backpack -urban outfitters 


Black choker- forever 21

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