It’s my Birthday 🎉

Well well, where do I start. My birthday 2017 has been so amazing thank you to that special one in my life for making that possible. Tonight’s festivities was dinner out in Nicks & Sam’s steakhouse. (Amaze Balls) I have a follow up photo coming soon to describe my birthday outfit for tonight. And this is the dinner tomorrow is the turn up. I have something fire coming yalls way. So stay tune #wiswblog 

Free smoke free smoke 

When he deletes your favorite picture, so you gotta work with what he likes lmao. Either way the night was epic. Tonight’s fit was simple yet girlie with that pink. 

Outfit details:

All white bricks shirt and jeans – express/Zara

Blue jean jacket – Plato’s Closet 

Pink Vans – bought from Chalsea cause they didn’t fit 😆 

Uhh let me have my moment. 

I think Ima keep to myself these daysThinking Ima focus on my health these days And I left a bunch of people in last year, Claiming they been around for the past year And I’m asking for receipts like a cashier And it’s niggas falling off like the last tier Uhh, let me have my moment Been in the underground, I’m surfaced now And I just think it’s funny how Everybody in the game asking for service now Goddamn I got purpose now a title under my belt yeah I got purpose now When I step into my view and I got curtains now If you ever had a doubt, I know you certain now. I been through the storm and I know that they always think that they know, baby I want you to know that Ima do me and just see how it goes 🤸🏾‍♀️ #kehlani

When you’re at peace with yourself 

The whole world is behind you! 🌎

This past experience away from reality made me see how blessed I really am. How I can easily book a trip and go, a lot of people do not have that option. I was always so focused on the negative in my life, being more concerned about the things I didn’t have over being thankful for what I did. My life wasn’t rough growing up, I’d be the first to admit being the only girl with 3 older brothers I had it my way every way possible, so growing and realizing it isn’t always about me I had a difficult time trying a adjust to that. Never the less I was able to grow into this independent woman that can handle the world on her own. Yes I still have my insecurities and doubts, I still run from some of my problems but I always find my way. I have amazing people behind me and the love I have from God, can’t no one stop me from getting what I deserve It’s time to see the brighter things in life. 🌸 this post was more of a reassurance than my OOTD post. I want to take you guys on my journey to finding my peace. So there will be more of these included in I won’t bore you watch. You’ll be able to see my ups and downs. My excitements to my fears. I hope to reach out to someone that suffers the same type issue that I created for myself and see that you can get out of anything with a positive train of thought. And love you get from all around you! 

LA Confidential 

Hurry take a picture before people starting walking through…. 


This night well what can I said about this night. First night in LA walked maybe an hr on the strip figuring out where we are going getting hit on and getting into it with that idiot, then some other BS to end up just to get a Uber back to the apt. All and all the night was successful thanks to this only one time and quick before someone ruins it by walking by shot. I’m getting the hang of this taking pictures thing down. 😁

Black dress – Phoenixkloset 

Black shoes – Steve Madden 

Black pouch – Tory Burch 

I’m Mexican American 

Being Born into an Mexican family has been one of the best blessing I can ever receive. Being born from a race that is constantly being judged or critized for what you see on television. But the thing is they forget to show the parts where parents wake up early in the morning to get their kids dressed for school, have food on the table get them selves together then head to drop off the kids before 7:34 am. Or how about the girls that do get the education and don’t have a child by 16. Or the guys that don’t go to prison, Or the fathers that will do whatever to make sure their family is secure. Will pick up any shift or job to provide. For being criticized daily for my heritage makes me that proud to be in the color skin that I am. Today’s post was taken in a little hole in a wall family owned (best ones) restaurant. I wanted to share this with everything remind you never be ashamed where you come from. You wouldn’t be who you are without it. (Fun fact chals called me out when I took a bite of my torta and my eyes crossed. I’m sure that’s happen to plenty of us lol. Mexican food is the issh!

Today’s fit 

Bye Felicia shirt- zumies

Blue jeans- express

Black Van

Dickies backpack -urban outfitters 


Black choker- forever 21