Better attitude, let’s see where it takes me… 

I don’t know what it is but I have a been having a huge smile on my face these past few days 😊 maybe because I gotten closer with the people that are closer to my heart and thanking the man upstairs daily for what he has blessed me with. I just hope for it to stay as is moving forward and continue to enjoy my life as I should. Today’s post is describing my journey on loving what I do and with the people I love doing it with. My inspiration comes from you guys. Never giving up on me even when I do not think I’m worthy enough to keep on. Today’s photo was taking down the street from home in a construction site with workers working among us and I really didn’t notice them because I was having so much fun! Until I heard one scream something out. ( right after my dress flew up 😩😂) Hey good to know I made somebody’s day today lol. Today’s outfit was recreation of my dear sweet Sydney. Keep in mind she’s 5 ok guys lol. I put together her birthday gift with the same exact colors plus a cute little fox purse to style her out while she’s out. Today’s weather went perfectly with the outfit. Here are some details of today’s fit down below.

Olive green jacket – forever21

Orange mini dress – forever21

White converse – 

Accessories with outfit include

Watch silver and gold- Michael Kors

Shades brown – Burberry 

Necklace gold – Zales 

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