Ima do me & see how it goes….

For a while now I was hiding behind my post cause I wasn’t comfortable with my weight. But then I took these photos and I loved every detail of them. I realized who cares if I’m not a size 4 anymore. Most real women aren’t. Why be ashamed of my body if this is how the Lord made me. It doesn’t define me as a women it doesn’t change my outlook on life and it damn sure doesn’t ruin my style. Ladies like I once said we are our own worse critic, we need to learn to take in and control our emotions and learn to love every piece of us there is to offer. Today’s post is the first of many that follow. Don’t give up on whatisshewearing just yet! 

Today’s outfit details consist of something new and something old.

From head to toe

Black hat Married to the Mob “good luck bitch” dad hat (new)

Black choker from forever 21

Stripped black and white dress from forever 21 (old) 

And two items I picked up from the thrift store and shocked to find them in great condition too! 

Blue jean jacket short from old navy 

Black and white vans 🖤

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