How do you handle criticism?

I will be the first to admit that I have not been as motivated as I thought I would be once I started the #WhatIsSheWearing Blog. 2016 was one challenging year for me. Having one thing after another piled up would cause stress upon myself where it would cause me to want to lay in bed all day and not even leave the house let alone get dressed. After the new year started I promised myself that would continue my journey I once started. After getting comments on why did you stop blogging to you just don’t want to do it. Triggered something with inside me to stop letting people tell you what to do and do what you want to do. I love fashion and I love to talk what’s holding me back the fear of failing or the fear of no one listening to me. “The real ones they know and the ones that do not I don’t need, cause mostly the vision & I give reasons to believe” @Kehlani #SSS right there 💪🏽. I was my biggest critic and doubted myself the most and if you portray yourself in that way everyone else will too. With that being said #WhatIsSheWearing Blog will be returning real soon. Don’t sleep on me ladies! 2017 I’m coming for you!

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