a smart one wears what you tell em’


the GQ feel…

Ok girls something a little different for tonights blog, I have been wanting to work on this project for awhile now and I had the opportunity to do so. And what project you might ask? Styling men. Who else but to be my first client!! my Bestie Boo! (Thank you 🙂 ) This style was put together for #Daddydaughterdance with his Princess.

Now my trick to putting this outfit together was by picking what I would like to see him in. Surprisingly he didn’t give me a hard time putting things together, then again he was in pain after getting his wisdom teeth pulled that same day 😦 either way he was a trooper 🙂 and was open minded to everything that was shown.

Outfit from Head to Toe:

  1. White w/ black button down shirt (zara)- 30.
  2. Navy blue jacket (zara)- 70.
  3. Navy blue jeans (zara)- 40.


Ok ladies & Gents, (hoping this attracts both) I’m hoping you enjoyed tonights post. I will continue to post more of me styling clients and of course myself. Cant wait for you to see what I have in store for spring! remember any questions/requests. bring them my way!!

PS….. I don’t know why the picture came out so BIG, thats how he sent it to me (sigh) lol.

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