Something new girls!


I downloaded this awesome app called #stylebook(3.99) but totally worth the money. I can play on it all day. Actually now that I think of it I did. I placed things from jackets, jeans, to shoes in my personal closet. It’s like dressing up your own electronic Barbie doll lol. Anyhow… Here’s one of the trendy styles I put together. And man was this my fav! Now keep in mind I did this for us girls that can’t spend 700 on a pair of shoes or on a 100 dollar blouse. I’m just having fun and also scouting for a cheaper look alike lol. My first look from #stylebook was inspired by a few people first is Kim K that leather jacket gives me life! A little from her sister Kourtney and a little Kanye! Y’all getting the title yet 😂😂

  1. Olive Green Sweater – yeezy (182) I like to go thrifting for my sweaters and I’m pretty sure we can find an olive sweater similar and just cut it 😌 (CHEAP IT OUT)
  2. Black leather jacket- balenciaga (2574) yeah… On a cheaper note you can purchase a leather jacket at forever, guess
  3. Knee high boots -Unknown (798)  any boutique on IG sales them for about 100-200 WAY BETTER!

this was fun!! I’ll be providing more styles for you ladies please any request and I’ll provide!




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