a smart one wears what you tell em’


the GQ feel…

Ok girls something a little different for tonights blog, I have been wanting to work on this project for awhile now and I had the opportunity to do so. And what project you might ask? Styling men. Who else but to be my first client!! my Bestie Boo! (Thank you πŸ™‚ ) This style was put together for #Daddydaughterdance with his Princess.

Now my trick to putting this outfit together was by picking what I would like to see him in. Surprisingly he didn’t give me a hard time putting things together, then again he was in pain after getting his wisdom teeth pulled that same day 😦 either way he was a trooper πŸ™‚ and was open minded to everything that was shown.

Outfit from Head to Toe:

  1. White w/ black button down shirt (zara)- 30.
  2. Navy blue jacket (zara)- 70.
  3. Navy blue jeans (zara)- 40.


Ok ladies & Gents, (hoping this attracts both) I’m hoping you enjoyed tonights post. I will continue to post more of me styling clients and of course myself. Cant wait for you to see what I have in store for spring! remember any questions/requests. bring them my way!!

PS….. I don’t know why the picture came out so BIG, thats how he sent it to me (sigh) lol.



Ok girls sorry I have been MIA but I’m back! Decided to go with a #TBT for today’s post. Tonight’s picture was one of my fave outfits I put together while my style first started. Won’t lie bae and I were beefing so I got dressed up and went “out” (when I say out I mean my girl Marisa’s place to drink wine and watch movies HA.) BUT.. he didn’t have to know all that lol. Anywho of course I post it on social media and who was the first to like?! …. Hhhmm 😌. Anywho moral of the story always dress like the ex is watching πŸ˜‚.

outfit details

white tank- forever 21

white jeans – H&M

nude wedges – bakers (don’t think the open anymore πŸ˜‘)


Not all girls wear Grey


from the words of bae! Well let me tell you something baby yes we do!! The color grey brings me life! That is the first color that stands out when I pass through the stores. I just love grey. You can throw it with pretty much anything. Even all grey. You can even coordinate different greys together from light grey to dark grey. Like I did in this style I put together on tonight’s post.Β 

#coolgreys #fur #nikes



Something new girls!


I downloaded this awesome app called #stylebook(3.99) but totally worth the money. I can play on it all day. Actually now that I think of it I did. I placed things from jackets, jeans, to shoes in my personal closet. It’s like dressing up your own electronic Barbie doll lol. Anyhow… Here’s one of the trendy styles I put together. And man was this my fav! Now keep in mind I did this for us girls that can’t spend 700 on a pair of shoes or on a 100 dollar blouse. I’m just having fun and also scouting for a cheaper look alike lol. My first look from #stylebook was inspired by a few people first is Kim K that leather jacket gives me life! A little from her sister Kourtney and a little Kanye! Y’all getting the title yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  1. Olive Green Sweater – yeezy (182) I like to go thrifting for my sweaters and I’m pretty sure we can find an olive sweater similar and just cut it 😌 (CHEAP IT OUT)
  2. Black leather jacket- balenciaga (2574) yeah… On a cheaper note you can purchase a leather jacket at forever, guess
  3. Knee high boots -Unknown (798) Β any boutique on IG sales them for about 100-200 WAY BETTER!

this was fun!! I’ll be providing more styles for you ladies please any request and I’ll provide!