She asked me when’s Fashion week? I told her I thought it was every week.

Happy Humpday girls!!

Now I bet you can tell who inspired this outfit tonight? None other than Mr. Kayne West himself. Now for a lot of you that are like me, always in celebrity gossip, I am sure you heard of the little confrontation that went on between Kanye and Wiz. I only thought to post this outfit for the drama lol. Having a little fun with the Blog tonight. What you guys thing about that drama? me personally, I can understand where Kanye was coming from cause I always read things wrong! ask the Ex haha, But it was wrong of him to do it as he did. Call Wiz! settle it. But that is only my opinion. And how about Amber coming in to defend herself and her family?!?!? YOU GO GIRL!!! Ok now back to business. girls this fit is one of my faves. I gotta tell you, I love dressing in tights and baggy tops plus some kicks (who do I think I am? clearly a model from Sorella lol)

  1. Pink oversized coat- Banana republic (200)
  2. Two Piece grey fit- Naked wardrobe (sale 28)
  3. Black Timberlands – Nordstroms – (130)


Crazy pricing this time huh? But girls after today’s post I want you to leave with this. Invest in yourself. Trust me you can never disappoint. See you later!!

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