I see you actin’ strange, I can tell this ain’t love…

Got Future playing in the background, got me vibing tonight …

Ok girls, this outfit is one of my faves. Chals and I went out to the Shops Of Legacy the other night and let me tell you I was FREEZING but sacrifice is something we have to do at times you know especially when it comes to fashion. This outfit is something you can throw on for a regular day out or meeting up with a few friends to have a few cocktails (or me just water non drinker) the deals I got for the outfit were amazing!

  1. Over Sized Sweater- Buffalo Exchange (18)
  2. Turtle Neck Black Top- H&M (12.99)
  3. Ripped Black Skinny Jeans- Zara (70)
  4. Red Booties – Aldo (49.95 SALE)

Now I know you might be asking, DEALS? 70? let me explain! My thing on certain clothing is the quality, trust me girls investing in some expensive jeans will make life a lot easier. I use to purchase the cheapest jeans cause come on who wants to spend 70 dollars on jeans but BELIEVE ME they will last you longer and you notice the texture of how much comfortable you are in them. So my thing to you is to go out and purchase a good pair of jeans that will last you a good amount of time. I purchase my jeans from Zara and Express. Ladies, any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment link. I love providing feedback. I can go on and on lol. Talk to you girls soon.

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