I know a lot of you have felt as I felt once before, you question yourself; why do it? That’s the question that stops you from starting your journey to your goals. But baby girl if you don’t keep telling yourself you won’t succeed, then no success will ever come your way. It’s hard when you have so much blocking you. But little do we know these set backs are our biggest improvements, motivations our stair steps to success. Do not ever let anyone including yourself tell you that you will never be something. It took me this long to finally realize I wanted to start my blog to inspire, to show everyone that anyone can start somewhere and enjoy what they do while doing. Girls get out there enjoy it!



She asked me when’s Fashion week? I told her I thought it was every week.

Happy Humpday girls!!

Now I bet you can tell who inspired this outfit tonight? None other than Mr. Kayne West himself. Now for a lot of you that are like me, always in celebrity gossip, I am sure you heard of the little confrontation that went on between Kanye and Wiz. I only thought to post this outfit for the drama lol. Having a little fun with the Blog tonight. What you guys thing about that drama? me personally, I can understand where Kanye was coming from cause I always read things wrong! ask the Ex haha, But it was wrong of him to do it as he did. Call Wiz! settle it. But that is only my opinion. And how about Amber coming in to defend herself and her family?!?!? YOU GO GIRL!!! Ok now back to business. girls this fit is one of my faves. I gotta tell you, I love dressing in tights and baggy tops plus some kicks (who do I think I am? clearly a model from Sorella lol)

  1. Pink oversized coat- Banana republic (200)
  2. Two Piece grey fit- Naked wardrobe (sale 28)
  3. Black Timberlands – Nordstroms – (130)


Crazy pricing this time huh? But girls after today’s post I want you to leave with this. Invest in yourself. Trust me you can never disappoint. See you later!!



I see you actin’ strange, I can tell this ain’t love…

Got Future playing in the background, got me vibing tonight …

Ok girls, this outfit is one of my faves. Chals and I went out to the Shops Of Legacy the other night and let me tell you I was FREEZING but sacrifice is something we have to do at times you know especially when it comes to fashion. This outfit is something you can throw on for a regular day out or meeting up with a few friends to have a few cocktails (or me just water non drinker) the deals I got for the outfit were amazing!

  1. Over Sized Sweater- Buffalo Exchange (18)
  2. Turtle Neck Black Top- H&M (12.99)
  3. Ripped Black Skinny Jeans- Zara (70)
  4. Red Booties – Aldo (49.95 SALE)

Now I know you might be asking, DEALS? 70? let me explain! My thing on certain clothing is the quality, trust me girls investing in some expensive jeans will make life a lot easier. I use to purchase the cheapest jeans cause come on who wants to spend 70 dollars on jeans but BELIEVE ME they will last you longer and you notice the texture of how much comfortable you are in them. So my thing to you is to go out and purchase a good pair of jeans that will last you a good amount of time. I purchase my jeans from Zara and Express. Ladies, any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment link. I love providing feedback. I can go on and on lol. Talk to you girls soon.

One in a million!


“Baby you don’t know what you do to me….”

Sorry ya’ll I’m in my Aaliyah in the 90’s vibe

my #OOTD was inspired by yours truly with a little Aaliyah, Xscape/ Salt&Peppa mix. I had so much fun in this picture not only because my lovely Bestie @_chalseadoll had me feeling myself but also because the amazing House of Dasha Boutique provided me with some amazing goodies for me to play dress up with. You girls have to go visit their IG page ( @thehouseofdasha) and FB page House Of Dasha. They sell the cutest clothes that will have you feeling yourself like Beyonce once said 🙂


  1.  Shear See Through body suit ( The House of Dasha)
  2. Faux Fur Vest (Buffalo Exchange)
  3. High Waisted Lose Jeans (thrift store *FAVE)
  4. Timberlands (Kids Journeys)

Now a little fun fact, I am a major TOMBOY! Hey! I was raised with nothing but boys. Sooo  throughout my Blog you will see a lot of Kicks, cause what can I say kicks are a girls best friend NO WAIT… It’s Heels are a girls Best Friends. I forget that part! But keep in mind ladies when you are stepping out on the town you want to be fierce show that Boss B* side. Let the next person Know, they are in your presence not the other way around lol.

#TheHouseofDasha #Chalseadollglam #WhatIsSheWearing #fierce #Beyonce

Who Does She Think She Is

image1My #OOTD

No lie Ladies a lot of what I have on I purchased from the Thrift store! 🙂 That is one of my favorite hobbies, THRIFTING!!

  1. Poncho (which was VERY comfy) was only 9.99 @ Uptown Cheapskate
  2. Blue Jean shirt was only 8.99 @ Uptown Cheapskate
  3. White Jeans were 19.99 @ Old Navy
  4. Brown Booties were 19.99 (WINNING) @ Charlotte Russe
  5. Gold Necklace unknown (given to me as a gift from my roomie)

Very casual for just going out on the town as I planned this day, but plans were canceled 😦 so Bae and I just went out to eat. Another great place for my outfit to be shown off at.


Welcome to WISW

Hey ladies, my name is Krystal Marie for awhile now I have had a few of you ask how I coordinate my outfits, for style ideas. Etc. Because of your many request, you have motivated me to start a new fashion blog #WhatIsSheWearing. Which will bring my everyday trends from cocktail to tomboy. Let’s get our style goals for 2016 going!