Best ever like I’m TMT 


Life has changed for the best the past few months. From work to family to him. I’m trying to find my faith and find my relationship with the Lord 🙏🏽. I can still get side track but who doesn’t I think that’s the beauty in growing and finding what your path,Either way I find myself being more thankful and appreciative of all I have been blessed with. I love this feeling. This photo was taken for the heck of it. The outfit was put together for an outing I was suppose to attend but didn’t go as planned. So I went to Carlos’s and wala it’s a photo shoot. (Gucci’s voice) I will continue to live life to the fullest love with all my heart and do the best I can in everything. I can only go up from here! 

Just because…

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean I should stop showing it. My worth is my best trait, my personality may get me into trouble at times but I express how I feel and what I want. I can’t seem to put my lips together to apologize for what it is said but I’ll show you through my actions what I can do. I love BIG and I can forgive a lot more. Never underestimate me I will show you something you will never see with anyone else. You continue to repeat that I will be the one to regret if we were to say our goodbyes but deep inside with both know that isn’t true. The one that will be hurting will be you…. 💌


My condolences to anyone who has ever lost me & to anyone who got lost in me or to anyone who ever felt they took a loss with me, my apologies for the misunderstanding or the lack thereof. I’m sorry you missed the God in me and I’m sorry you missed the light, I’m sorry you forgot the way I arose like the moon night after night with the burden to forgive, eager to feed you everything. See, I’m a holy woman. I know what it’s like to give life to a being without ever needing to press skin against one another. I’ve practiced how to hold my tongue long enough, I’m afraid I forgot to say goodbye. I’m afraid you’re under the impression that I was made to please you. I was under the impression you understood me better. The truth is, I’m a superwoman, and some days I’m an angry woman, and some days I’m a crazy woman for still waiting, for still loving harder even if I’m aching, for still trusting that I’m still worth the most, for still searching, for someone to understand me better -ReynaBiddy #sweetsexysavage #whatisshewearing #ilovemylove

If they let us…

For TBT I decided to take it back to 2 years ago. Our baecation to Houston for Party Next door. If you know me you know I’m spontaneous and love booking trips just because. This particular get away, the boo and I really wanted to go see PND BUT Dallas show was sold out so the day before the trip I told him be ready and let’s go. We drove out after I got off work and headed straight to Houston. That trip was all over the place… well I was over the place lol but all and all I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It was only us two no distractions, no interruptions, just us 💜 on this particular night we went out to eat for dinner to Houstons, great time I can still taste the seasoning to my steak. Very tropical. My outfit was of course put together at the last minute as usual. But thank you to Zara for coming through for your girl and having jeans that fit my body type at the time. I gained a few pounds but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️. Then the rest of the night was amazing I don’t think we have ever really enjoyed each other’s company as much as we did that night. We went to a social junkie and night club with hookah and the scenery, the vibe was all we needed. Made me realize why we always find a way back to each other’s lives. We can’t find another to connect with better.. I got you bestie boo 😘

Maroon tee -pacsun

Black skinny jeans – Zara

Black heals- Steve Madden 

Onto bigger & better

Where I stand in life, what I stand for in life is bazar to most. I say what I feel, some may call it blunt, rude. I call it real. I say it as is. I will tell you about yourself if you doing wrong. I speak my mind and will be concerned to those close to me but will be a bitch if I don’t respect you. But I will love and support you when I have reassurance that you will do the same. Everyone that knows the real me knows what I come with and ride for me as hard I ride for them. In other words I have to feel secure in my interactions with others I have to question you, I have no room for you…. 

I can be your super model, if you see it in me..

I have came a long way when it comes to my passion for fashion. I remember this photo shoot like it was yesterday! Sandy made it so comfortable for me to be ME. We called it the just because photo shoot, she was working on her craft behind the lens and I was just breaking out on my styling. If you ask me today to wear the outfit on the photo above I would look at you crazy lol but hey it was cute then. I remember how much different my life was at this time compared to today. I was free, young, and stubborn. But I was also the happiest I could have possibly been with great company to new opportunities. I didn’t know how important all that was at this time, most 24 year olds don’t. If I can go back and tell myself what the future held I would have keep fighting for all that I deserved. I would be more determined to make my goals glow. But of course there were road pumps, feelings involved and stupidity in the way. Now don’t get me wrong life is great now, I’m just not where I would like to be. I find myself doing for others more than doing for myself. Too stubborn to move away from my comfort zone and satisfied with where I am at now. But I want MORE! And I’m going to work hard to get myself there. I always feel I need help but in reality you are your biggest help, you have to learn to love and trust yourself because you’re the only one that will have your back till the end. Daily reminder for myself is to keep moving forward and learn to love what I have before life takes it away. Make better decisions. Grow from my mistakes. Let go of what can’t be….. 

I’m back & I’m better 

As of lately, my ambition has been high, my mindset has changed, my heart has strengthened and my smile has grown. No reason particularly I’m finding myself and making sure I do what makes me happy. I have finally calmed my fears about what’s going to happen next in my life. Yeah I admit I still have self doubts it’s fresh, but I do not let that stop me. I’m ready for new challenges, new paths, hell new excitement. I have seen a few things I find intriguing and I just want to know more about it. I have never seemed to care for much the past year. I can’t understand to why if I had all the resources and support right in front of me. I need to remind my self daily that I am worthy that my goals do matter. That I want more! If I want more I need to change. I will change… #Kryseason in the works #whatisshewearing